Michelle G. Nov. 2012
Both of my very different children attend and have for about a year. My older child got into the sport right away. At the time she was 11 and really enjoyed the egalitarian nature of the sport. Sensei never said she couldn't do something because she was a girl. The children learn side by side with no deference being given to anyone. the children train hard, Sensei works them hard and they are all proud of it. My son was something all together different. He joined because big sis was doing it. While he was able to comprehend and had the skills he lacked focus. We decided to try private lessons. Everyone was a little concerned how to proceed but Sensei spoke with us and came up with a plan. He accommodated his lessons around my son's age and made them short and a preview of the upcoming class. The first two lessons were a bit bumpy and we were all concerned that we couldn't get through but Sensei was able to do what many seasoned educators are unable to do. He changed his approach and found the way to reach my son. That really speaks volumes for the kind of person and teacher this man is.

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