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Fixing Flat Traps - Learn how to build impressive muscularity on this highly visible bodypart

Fixing Flat Traps

Few bodyparts denote power as effectively as a thick set of traps. In fact, the traps have become showcase muscles second only to the biceps. While fashions come and go, the “no-neck” look remains the sign of a hardcore trainer. So whether you want to look huge for a national competition or just add some body armor for your favorite sport, there’s plenty you can do to fix your flat traps.The function of the trapezius is to stabilize the scapulae (shoulder blades). The upper part of this muscle, which is visible bulging over your shoulders, raises the scapulae. The middle brings the scapulae together, and the bottom part lowers the scapulae. Stabilization of the scapulae keeps the neck in a neutral position, helping to avoid injury.

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